Tuesday, July 15, 2008


so it's been a while since I posted because my computer went out :0( I hate computers sometimes.
The good news is that a lot has changed. We did lose Jake of course, and fathers day weekend we lost max, our 17 yr old lab/pit mix. He was special to us. That's obviously not the good news. It's very very sad news. I miss him a lot. But the good new is that I have started a web store with lots of organic and natural products! I carry everything from chap stick to produce bags, and everything in between! We're not open yet because we're paying serious bucks for a web designer to make a site for us, so you'll have to wait for the grand opening! But as soon as it comes I'll be sure to post it.
The down side of all that is that I don't have time to write. Now that I got a new computer (a MAC! WHOOT WHOOT!) and I have word on it (instead of ghetto works that I HATE...and yes I bought office for mac lol I'm a new mac user... give me a break!)) I can write, but I don't have time to! lol. Sucks to be me!! Maybe after I get the store all set up and going I'll have some time. Who knows.
ANyway, I thought I would drop by to give everyone the highlights!
PS check out my chemical free blog too!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jake the cat died.

Here's the story about Jake the cat who died of a heart attack last night. He was 12. We adopted him 8 months ago because some jerks who were getting a divorce decided no one wanted him, so they dumped him at the high kill shelter knowing he was going to be killed. A friend rescued him and we adopted him. He attached himself to my oldest son (11) and he said last night that it was weird to not feel a 22 lb cat ontop of him at night. He had gotten used to that.

Please, if anyone reads this, if I can get two things out there it would be this. Number one, PLEASE don't get animals if you're not willing to make a life time commitment to them. And if something happens (sometimes it does) then DON'T take them to shelters, take them to humane societies or private rescues. And second, the senior dogs and cats out there need homes as much as the next guy. They are already house trained, the don't chew on your brand new couches (personal experience) and they just want to be loved. You already know what their personalities are too. It's a win win. Sure you won't have them for 20 years, but the pay off is SO worth it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Someone posted in a group of mine that today is national 'Talk like a pirate day'! I thought it was funny!
Here's the link...
And they even have a translater! LMAO

Too funny.
I love pirates. Pirates are HOT. At least they are in romance novels. In reality they were probably smelly and gross. Barbaric too I bet. "Com'er and let me swash yer bucket lassie..." LOL

My kids are so cute. Caleb (my youngest) sleeps with me at night since daddy's always gone, and he's always right up next to me! I have a king size bed mind you...and I only get about 2 feet every night because he's practically on top of me. No matter how many times I wake up (about to fall off the bed...) and move him over, he's always right there! lol
My daughters teacher is flunking her in math. That's weird for two reasons...one, she's great in math (she's smart in general though) and two, she was absent for 9 days striate with chickenpox and then the flu! lol Poor baby was SO sick. Anyway, her teacher sends me a note talking about she's failing because she didn't turn in her work. I was like...well DUH! SHE WASN'T THERE! And she sent home this HUGE packet of make-up work which she's working on little by little every day (from when she gets home until dinner! Like 3 hours!!) SO I'm thinking, no big deal, she'll be able to make it up when she turns in the work right?? I'm not so sure! So now I'm thinking, why should I make her do all this work (and I mean a LOT) if she's not going to get credit for it!? SO I sent her a note telling her all this, so we'll see what she comes back with. I'm interested to see lol. The other thing is that they said her absence is unexcused. I'm like 'what!?" She had the freakin chicken pox!!! THEN she had the flu! Like I can control that! lol They want a doctors note...which w2ould be fine...IF WE HAD INSURANCE AND ACTUALLY TOOK HER THERE...but we don't and we didn't, so we have no note. But the worst part is this...in Oklahoma, when you kid is absent more than 4 days out of a 4 week period and it's NOT excused...they turn you into the DA. I was like WTF!? My kid is sick and now I'm going to get in trouble because I couldn't afford to take her to the doctors!? What kind of crap is that!? I can understand that for older kids that skip school, but for a 3rd grader who was sick!? I'm definately going to have someone's head if this goes that far.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Luck of the day and new crochet pics :0)

Ok, so I'm driving an hour to a town called Tahlequah (tell-a-qwah) to get Cherokee nation tags for my husbands truck. I'm driving along, admiring the beautiful surroundings and I realize I'm about to make a sharper turn than I realized. So I slow down, and of course the person behind me is riding my butt so I can't slow down as fast as I normally would (not that I do that often, and no I wasn't speeding lol) so I take the turn a little faster than I should.
Now here's the part that sucks.
As I'm turning, I feel this cold sensation start cooling my cheeks. (Not my face...)
The drink that I had set on the seat (because my hubby's truck is an older model and they don't have stupid drink holders so I set it between the crease of the seats and my purse which normally keeps it in place just fine) is now laying at my side, spilling it's icy contents on the seat AND MY BOTTOM!!!!
I now look like I peed my pants.
Luckily when I walked into the tag office there was NO ONE THERE!!! And that in itself was a miracle! lol I was able to get in and out right away, only about 15 minutes of time! Which, now that I think about it, was a waste in gas. At least if I had to wait an hour or so it would have been worth the time to drive down there! ****
Warped, I know.
Anyway, I hate when that happens.

I finished my son's hat last night. I was too tired to start the other one, but I'll do that tonight when everyone's in bed. It looks cool. The only think I have left to do is add the pom pom thing. I'm not sure I'm going to though, I kind of like it like that so I might leave it.
here's the pic.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That's my beautiful son Caleb. He just turned two. Under that hat is a head full of long curly hair! lol Dad wants me to cut it. I told him where to go with that though :0)

Here are pics of the new and improved hat and booties from my last post. The hat has a new flower on it :0)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You know...I belong to a lot of yahoo list groups. One of them is a species specific bird group. You know...I think that if you're going to participate in a public list group (or anything really, because this pertains to life in general) you need to not only be nice to those who you have a difference of opinion, but for pete's sake, don't hate people because they don't share your opinion! There's more ways to do things that YOUR way. Just because your way works for you doesn't mean that it's the ONLY way to do something.
I get SO sick of the drama from grumpy people telling others how to do things. Or worse, making others feel bad because they do something different or have a general different opinion about it. Is life really that bad that you have to make others miserable with you!?
I feel sad for those people. If they were to just embrace life and go with it, they would be happier.
If you're not a people person, you don't belong on the net LMAO

Monday, September 17, 2007

Crochet and other needlework

I LOVE to crochet. It's just fun :0)
I taught myself how about 4 years ago right after my second son was born. And then when I became pregnant with my youngest I taught myself how to knit. I also know how to cross stitch...that's fun too.
Most people think it's for old ladies LOL, but the truth is it's totally fun and it's very relaxing for me. I suffer from anxiety, so when I start feeling overwhelmed or jittery I just grab my needles and go for it1 It really does help. Needlework in general re-focuses your thoughts and energy onto something else. It does for me anyway. And the repetitive actions is great for my OCD LOL (yeah, I'm truly a mess...).
I made a hat for a friend of mine. Well, for her new baby anyway, her first girl. So I made it extra frilly and foo foo LOL. Here's a pic, but I put a flower on it after I took that pic. I should take a new one...but it's REALLY cute, I love it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It's my very fist hat. And it took me only about 3 hours (it would have been shorter if I didn't have such a hard time remembering how to freakin crochet! lol). I made matching booties to go with it, although I'm not totally finished with the second one. 90% done though. First booties every made too :0) I'm kickin arse crocheting LOL. I'm very proud of myself. I think it's great for a first timer because it's symmetrical and everything!

I really don't have much else to say. I just felt bad for not posting anything. :0)
HAGD everyone, and GOD BLESS!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Feelin Groovy with squid juice on the side...

lol. I didn't know what to put int he title. But I made you look at least HAHAHA.
*yeah...I'm a dork*

So yeah, my week has been hella crazy. Mom drama, dad drama, and sister drama all in the same day. How much more crap can we add to Cheri's life? Let's see, shall we?? It's like a freakin conspiracy.

But it's all good. My ghetto van is breaking down already. But what can you expect? It's OLD lol. The air is going out alreay. I just had it worked on last week. Too bad they're paying for it...it's gonna be expensive! HA! Plus for me though.

I went to blockbusters yesterday. We bought 8 movies for $40 something bucks. It was cool. I love their sales. They were all used, but still! We haven't bought a movie in a long time, so we splurged lol. Got some good ones. I like the not so popular movies. The ones that are played in the sundance festivals. Those are the ones that get to your heart and move you. The better written ones I think. One day I will have a movie there. A Once in a lifetime chance.

OK, you know what pisses me off? When fuck-tards like this jack ass that my friend is dealing with abuses his animals, then sells them because (and I quote) he's 'sick of dealing with them'. This jack ass broke on wing, and SHATTERED the other of just ONE bird! The other one had an infected hople in her chest. It's terrible. And now the one may lose one or both of his wings. I feel so bad for that guy. It's sickning. Makes me want to throw up to think that people do these things daily to their pets...who only want love and affection and a clean place to live...just basic t5hings that we all take for granted.
I wish people would understand what a commitment parrots are. Especially large parrots. And the sad part is this guy HAS A LICENCE TO OWN AND CARE FOR BIRDS OF PREY!!!!!!!!!! What is this world comming to? It's sickning.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You know...I've never been one to just throw my thoughts out there in fear that they would be laughed at, ridiculed, and maybe even make people mad. But you know what...I am SICK and TIRED (my mom used to say that lol) of shutting up! If I have something to say, I should be able to say it, right? I have an opinion, and it's worth something. For pete's sake (pete must be in bad shape if everyone keeps asking for his sake...).

So here's my thoughts for the day. And, you know, why not start off with a bang, right? just jump in..sink or swim.

OK, first of all...lay off the soldiers! THEY chose to be in the service, they KNEW what they were getting into, and it's NOT an easy job by any means. To me, it's like spitting in their faces after they just saved your butt 40 times. They are there, while you're here having scones and coffee at Starbucks...so that you CAN have scones and coffee from Starbucks. We don't have people with machine guns standing on the curbs making sure there's peace, or shooting someone because they looked at them wrong...you know why? Because we live in the best country! Because OUR SOLDIERS are risking their lives, and sometimes NOT COMING HOME so that we can live comfortable. And here you are, all haughty-taughty high and mighty talking about get them out of there and other crap. Well, I'm pretty sure they would be home if they could jack ass, but you're not helping. If they leave now, all that was fought for will be for no reason because the idiots who think they have a right to kill someone in Allah's name will take over again. What if that was here? Would you want them to leave? I sure as hell wouldn't. I'd want to be able to take a bus with my kids without fear that some demon will have a bomb strapped to his chest and we'll die that day. Maybe that's just me though.
I say just relax and let them do their thing. It's what they trained for. I sure as HELL couldn't do that job. I'm a wuss. I'm even afraid of guns...so if they chose to protect someone that's not part of our country, I say let them. Don't spit in their faces for doing so. My whole point is that they CHOSE that life...they KNEW it could come to this...they are the brave, we are not. They should be put on high pedestals and thanked. One day they could be keeping YOUR kids safe from bombs.

Second...LAY OFF THE PRESIDENT!!! Could you do his job? For crying out loud people! I respect him. I think he is a man of morals and integrity. He stand by his word and he stands by God's word. And THAT is what he will be rewarded for when it is time to be judged.